The Uganda Golf Club first came about in the early 1900’s during the early days of Colonial Kampala. It was actually in Wandegya, 2 kilometres down the road before moving to its current location in 1907. The course then developed its own name of Kitante Golf Club due to its new surroundings. Kitante, in fact, is a mispronunciation of a Luganda descriptive word ‘ekita ente’ meaning the one that kills cows. The valley was at one time a wetland and the cows used to get stuck in there much to the dismay of their owners. This led to the saying ‘ekita ente’ or Kitante as the colonial officers would say.

Though few in number, the British colonialists were instrumental in putting up the course and were the main patrons for the first six decades. Over time the membership increased with indiginous Ugandans coming on board and we now have a diverse array of nationalities from all across the world.

In 1908, the Club got its first captain S. Tomkins with F. Knowles taking over the following year. These two played key roles in the early movement of the course and its general layout. Our first indigenous captain was... in...