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How it Works

To join UGC, we ask that you arrange for two existing members of the Club to propose and second your application. If, however, you do not know any members of the Club we can offer Temporary membership for one year during which time we would ask you to obtain sponsorship from within the Club. You would then be offered permanent membership and the entrance fee (if applicable) becomes due, less the joining fee paid on entry (if applicable). The Temporary membership category does have some minor restrictions imposed. Subscriptions and entrance fees (if applicable) can if necessary, be paid by direct debit through a third party provider.

Membership Types

The following are the different membership types and fees -

Married Membership
Entrance Fees3,000,000
Annual Subscriptions1,500,000
Development Fund1,775,000
Single Membership
Entrance Fees2,500,000
Annual Subscriptions1,000,000
Development Fund1,250,000
Corporate Membership
Annual Fees (4 members)7,500,000
Additional Member2,250,000
Temporary Member1,000,000
Existing Members (Married)1,500,000
Existing Member (Single)1,000,000
Other Memberships

Junior Membership ( parent is a member)

Student Membership75,000

Senior Membership (20% discount)


Amazing Experiences

UGC is a place for golf, friendship, and fun. What makes our club great is the members who choose to be a part of it and if you would like to be a part of our continued journey as the best club in Uganda, give us a call or shoot us an email. Being a member of the Uganda Golf Club is something that you will want to do for a long time. Most members join and hang on to their memberships for decades because of the wonderful experiences they have.




+256 041-233-911


Plot 30-32 Yusuf-Lule Road

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